Chapter 733: Full Recovery

Chapter 733: Full Recovery

Xiao Yan was not able to stop Yun Yun’s departure. This was because he clearly understood within his heart that despite Yun Yun not having developed too much hatred over the destruction of the Misty Cloud Sect, she was ultimately the sect leader of the Misty Cloud Sect no matter how one put it. It was impossible for her not to feel a slight grudge. At the same time, she may have been thinking of remaining by Xiao Yan’s side to lend him a hand, but she still faintly felt some resistance to such an idea.

This resistance came from her feelings toward the Misty Cloud Sect. It came from the many years that the Misty Cloud Sect had groomed her.

Perhaps part of the reason Yun Yun wanted to leave the Jia Ma Empire this time around was to resolve the resistance she felt in her heart. She had mentioned that she would be able to return the day she was able to place the Misty Cloud Sect deep within her heart without it being brought back up.

It was not difficult for Xiao Yan to forcefully get Yun Yun to stay given his current strength and those of the experts beside him. He had special feelings for Yun Yun. Those matters within the ‘Magical Beast Mountain Range’ when he was...

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