Chapter 732: Parting Ways

Chapter 732: Parting Ways

Nalan Yaran flew in a certain direction out of the city once she left the Xiao clan. Xiao Yan knit his brows slightly and followed close behind.

Her speed was not reduced even after flying out of the capital. Instead, she flew in the direction of the Misty Cloud Mountain. Xiao Yan pondered for a moment when he saw this before continuing to follow. With his current strength, he need not be worried that Nalan Yanran might play a trick. Although the latter was also at the peak of the Dou Wang class, Xiao Yan had the confidence to kill her within ten exchanges if they were to really fight.

They flew above the enormous plains as though they were chasing after the stars and moon until the Misty Cloud Mountain, that penetrated the sky, appeared in his sight. Xiao Yan’s speed was increased. A moment later, he followed close behind Nalan Yanran and appeared on the Misty Cloud Mountain.

Xiao Yan’s figure was standing in the air. His gaze swept over the empty sect below. At this moment, there was not even a little of the liveliness of the past in the current Misty Cloud Sect. Not even half a human figure could be seen as the autumn wind blew past. The open ground was messy and especially desolat...

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