Chapter 729: Poison Sect

Chapter 729: Poison Sect

Xiao Yan’s eyes flicked around when he saw Hai Bodong’s smiling manner. A moment later, he narrowed his eyes and nodded slightly. He spoke in a deep voice, “In that case, I would need to trouble Old Hai to help me contact chairman Fa Ma and the heads of the few other large clans once I completely recover from my injuries. It is also time for the sky of the Jia Ma Empire to change!”

Hai Bodong grinned and nodded upon hearing this. He ultimately believed that Xiao Yan’s footsteps should not stop in the Jia Ma Empire. The enormous Dou Qi Continent would be the place for him to play in.

Xiao Yan did not go out during the period after he and Hai Bodong had finished their discussion. Instead, he quietly remained in the Xiao Mansion and focused on recuperating from his injuries. If he wanted to build a faction that was even stronger than the Misty Cloud Sect in this Jia Ma Empire, he would need to have a sufficient strength to deter all the factions and experts within the empire. Otherwise, it would merely just be a joke in the end.

During the time that Xiao Yan was calmly recuperating, the Misty Cloud Mountain had finally been completely emptied. After many Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples left, some people within the Jia Ma Empire,...

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