Chapter 728: The Great Meeting of Factions

Chapter 728: The Great Meeting of Factions

“Ha ha, little fellow, your bones are indeed very hard. I thought that you would need to at least rest for one month before you would have the strength to speak. It is unexpected that you have recovered some strength after only half a month. This is really surprising.”

An old clear laugh was suddenly transmitted into the large, spacious hall. Hai Bodong’s figure slowly appeared in the eyes of everyone.

Xiao Yan also smiled slightly when he saw Hai Bodong’s figure. He got up, invited him in before once again returning to his seat.

Hai Bodong’s gaze carefully swept over Xiao Yan’s body after sitting in a chair. A moment later, the surprise in his eyes became astonishment as he exclaimed, “Your aura…” From the way Hai Bodong looked at it, Xiao Yan’s aura was somewhat unsteady as it rose and fell. It seemed quite similar to the situation when one was just about to advance one’s strength.

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded when he saw the astonishment on Hai Bodong’s face. He softly said, “Although my injuries were extremely serious this time, it seems to have allowed me to touch the barrier of the Dou Huang class. If I am lucky, I will soon be able to try breaking into the Dou Huang level.”

A joy spread over Hai Bodong’s face when he heard this. He immediately smacked his lips and exclaimed out loud....

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