Chapter 727: Situation

Chapter 727: Situation

The events that transpired in the Misty Cloud Sect spread to every corner of the Jia Ma Empire within a few days as though the news had sprouted wings. A great disturbance rose within the entire Jia Ma Empire in an instant.

Almost everyone knew just how powerful and frightening the strength of the Misty Cloud Sect was in the Jia Ma Empire. Due to Yun Shan being present these few years, the reputation of the Jia Ma Empire had greatly rose. However, the shocking news of the Misty Cloud Sect being disbanded was currently spreading. This was undoubtedly an earth-shakingly big matter to the citizens of the Jia Ma Empire.

While this matter was spreading and creating an uproar, the main character of this issue, Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan, also became completely known to everyone within the Jia Ma Empire. Some people might feel somewhat unfamiliar and at a loss about the name, but those with a good memory would still be able to vaguely remember the rookie, who had rose like a comet within the empire, from three years ago…

However, Xiao Yan back then was merely a very outstanding individual among the younger generations. He was not worth mentioning in the eyes of an old demon like Yun Shan. Hence,...

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