Chapter 726: End

Chapter 726: End

Only Xiao Yan’s cold voice slowly reverberated across this quiet sky. Countless numbers of Misty Cloud Sect disciples sighed in relief at this moment before immediately feeling sorrowful. Back then, the Misty Cloud Sect was so grand. It was unexpected that now, it had ended up at a stage where others could butcher it. This kind of difference was really difficult for anyone to accept.

Of course, no matter how difficult it was to accept it, these Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had no solution to it. Looking at Xiao Yan’s rising killing aura, it was likely that he had long since planned to wash the Misty Cloud Sect in blood. If Sect Leader Yun Yun didn’t have some connection with him, it was likely that flood of blood would have flowed like a river on the open ground at this moment. Hence, being able to keep their lives was already an extremely lucky thing for them.

Yun Yun’s lovely body trembled slightly when she heard Xiao Yan’s cold tone that suggested he was giving the final verdict. The back of her teeth bit tightly on her lower red lip. Her face was covered with an unusual paleness. Was this Misty Cloud Sect really going to be ruined in her hands…

Yun Yun clenched and unclenched her hands....

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