Chapter 722: Captured

Chapter 722: Captured

The pained expression on the illusionary human head that had expanded to hundreds of feet in size had immediately solidified when Protector Wu’s laughter resounded over the sky. An unusually dense black glow erupted from all the holes on it. An instant later, it suddenly burst apart in front of numerous shocked gazes. Bang! The loud sound was like rolling-thunder that resounded across the mountain. An extremely frightening black-colored tide surged out in all directions from the illusionary human head that had burst apart like a volcanic eruption. Finally, it engulfed the entire area.

The darkness this time around was extremely complete. The sun in the sky appeared to vanish from the sky at this moment. The entire world was suddenly filled with darkness.

The darkness covered the land, causing everyone to voice their alarm. A moment later, numerous various colored Dou Qi erupted. However even with the help of the glow from the Dou Qi, one could merely see a radius of a couple of feet in this unusual world of darkness.

“What happened?”

“What exactly happened?”

The sudden darkness caused a commotion to immediately break out on the open ground. A countless number of people let out an exclamation...

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