Chapter 719: Reappearance of Nalan Yanran

Chapter 719: Reappearance of Nalan Yanran

A clear sword whistle resounded across the sky. Immediately, a rainbow sword glow flashed from the mountain behind the Misty Cloud Sect. Within a couple of breaths, it appeared in the sky above this messy open ground.

The rainbow glow scattered, revealing the human figure within it. She was wearing a black dress. Her smooth, black hair gently flowed down her shoulders, passing over her pretty waist and gathering near her backside. Her female eyebrows appeared like a picture while her skin was like icy snow. Her pretty face was somewhat skinny but it coincidentally formed a perfect contour that caused people to involuntarily let out praise within their heart. What a pretty girl…

The woman who had suddenly appeared was also startled because of the mess in the open ground. Her gaze immediately turned to Yun Yun in the sky who was looking at her with a startled look. That pretty face which seemed to be broken with a blow immediately revealed a heart moving smile. A clear voice that was filled with pleasure sounded from the sky.


“Yanran… you… you have really broken through the Gate of Life and Death?” Yun Yun greatly rejoiced as she looked at the lady...

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