Chapter 717: Killing Yun Shan!

Chapter 717: Killing Yun Shan!

Xiao Yan laughed out loud as a craziness surfaced on his face. The Dou Qi within his body madly followed his veins and surged onto his fist. Finally, it smashed ruthlessly toward Yun Shan’s heart. It was just about to strike its target when a sharp female cry suddenly sounded from the open ground below.

“Xiao Yan, don’t!”

The familiar voice caused Xiao Yan’s fist to pause. His gaze involuntarily shifted down and immediately saw Yun Yun’s pretty pale-white face that was filled with a plea.

The state of mind of Xiao Yan that was filled with killing intent began to tremble a little when he saw the pretty pale-white face that was covered with a pleading look. He was not totally unaffected by the words and actions of this woman…

The time over the entire sky appeared to have stilled at this moment. A countless number of gazes stared intently at the young man in the sky without blinking. His next action would determine the fate of the Misty Cloud Sect!

The fists of Hai Bodong and the others were clenched tightly. They almost involuntarily felt like jumping on the spot the moment they saw Xiao Yan’s punch stopped...

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