Chapter 716: Kill?

Chapter 716: Kill?


The thunder-like explosion resounded across the sky. The three colored fire wave and the deep-green Dou Qi were mixing with each other all over the sky. Finally, they acted like the churning ocean waves as they swept in all directions.

The sweeping of the frightening fire wave in all directions affected the chaotic battleground in the distant sky. Those who responded quickly managed to escape from the danger but those who were slightly slower were struck head on by the fire wave. Immediately, their chests seemed to have received a violent hammer-like blow and a mouthful of fresh bright-red blood that carried some heat was spat out. The blood swiftly vaporized under the high temperature of the fire wave.

The sunlight that scattered down from the sky had also vanished at this moment. A four colored fire wave appeared to be like layers of dark clouds that covered the sky above the Misty Cloud Mountain. Even sunlight had difficulty penetrating this thick fire cloud layer.

The fire wave carried a frightening energy that swept horizontally across the sky. With the exception of a small number of people, the remaining experts desperately descended, afraid of ending up in a miserable state if they were to be tainted by that fire wave.


The fire-red clouds...

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