Chapter 715: Explosion of the Fire Lotus

Chapter 715: Explosion of the Fire Lotus

Yun Shan’s expression immediately became ugly when his gaze swept over the three different colored fire lotus that was suspended above Xiao Yan’s palm. The frightening energy that seeped out from that strange fire lotus was something that caused even him to feel a kind of unusual pressure.

“How can this bastard perform such a powerful attack with his strength?” Yun Shan furiously roared within his heart. His forward charging figure immediately paused before his body swiftly rushed backward. A majestic deep-green Dou Qi suddenly surged out from his body like a torrent when he was hurrying away. His hair was all standing straight, appearing as though he had been electrocuted. In a mere instant, that powerful Dou Qi formed a green-colored tornado that was over a hundred feet large in the sky. His body was completely covered by that tornado.

Numerous gazes on the open ground looked at Yun Shan who managed to rely on his own powerful Dou Qi to agglomerate such a large tornado within a short period of time. They could not help but whistle a praise. He was indeed worthy of being an expert at the Dou Zong class. This skill alone was something that not a single elite Dou Huang present could disp...

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