Chapter 714: Trump Card, Three Colored Fire Lotus

Chapter 714: Trump Card, Three Colored Fire Lotus

The enormous energy handprint surfaced in front of the countless number of shocked gazes. It immediately paused for a moment before it carried an unusually powerful pressure and energy fluctuation as it violently clashed against the energy longsword that shot over.


The two extremely frightening attacks met in the sky an instant later. A thunder-like explosion suddenly resounded over the sky. Despite having been prepared for it, there were still quite a number of people whose ears rang for awhile. Even their vision had become a little blurry.

Waves of substance-like energy ripples fluctuated wildly from the spot where the two fierce attacks collided. Even the space itself had become distorted under this frightening energy collision. From this, one could tell just how frightening the attacks the two people had unleashed were.

The distorted space also enveloped the spots where Xiao Yan and Yun Shan stood. Hence, the many gazes that were looking at the sky did not know just who among these two people had obtained an advantage in this frightening energy collision.

The energy ripple that spread through the air slowly faded away in front of the focus of a countless number of gazes a moment later. That distorted space had also gradually...

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