Chapter 713: Submerged Wind Braking Blades

Chapter 713: Submerged Wind Braking Blades


The black-colored chain was just like a poisonous snake as it suddenly penetrated the air and transformed into a blurry black line that shot explosively toward Yao Lao a short distance away.

The tip of the chain was unusually sharp and filled with a mysterious rune. Circles of spiraling lines covered the tip of the chain. Under the energy activation of Protector Wu, some evil aura seeped out from it. This deep, profound chain was not an ordinary metal chain.

Yao Lao also did not dare to slight this chain that pierced through the sky toward him. This ‘Hall of Souls’ was extremely mysterious. Their attacks also appeared to be able to cause massive damage toward spiritual bodies. However, it was fortunate that Yao Lao was not an ordinary spiritual body. With the protection of the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’, he was not totally without any ability to fight back against the powerful hunter of the ‘Hall of Souls’.

The dense white flame in his palm withered up and down before suddenly transforming into a fire arrow that shot out explosively. Finally, it violently collided with that black chain.


A low, deep sound appeared when the two collided. However, there...

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