Chapter 712: Protector Wu

Chapter 712: Protector Wu

Yun Shan, who had received a heavy blow in the sky, swiftly fell in front of many shocked gazes. However, when he was still a few dozens of meters from the ground, both of his feet suddenly pressed on the empty air and his body once again stabilized. However, the remnant blood trace on the corner of his mouth and his savage, frightening face still proved that the sudden attack earlier had only caused him some injuries.

Who could actually turn an elite Dou Zong like Yun Shan into such a miserable state? This thought flashed across the hearts of many people. Their gazes immediately shifted up before finally stopping at the black-robed, young man in the sky… the somewhat illusionary human figure beside him.

“Who is that?”

Their faces were all stunned and at a loss when they saw that illusionary human figure, who was suspended beside Xiao Yan. Clearly, they were extremely unfamiliar with this mysterious expert who had suddenly appeared.

Other people might be unfamiliar with this illusionary figure but the faces of Jia Xing Tian, Hai Bodong, and the others were suddenly filled with joy when they saw the former intervening. The strongest trump card of Xiao Yan had finally...

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