Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!

Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!

Xiao Yan sensed an unusual pressure being slowly spreading from the former’s body after Yun Shan’s cold voice slowly sounded. Under this pressure, the powerful flowing Dou Qi within his body also showed some signs of being slowed.

Deep-green Dou Qi that was just like liquid it completely wrapped around Yun Shan’s body. The repeatedly circulating Dou Qi emitted a faint glow. Some fluctuations even appeared in the surrounding air under this glow. Yun Shan was indeed worthy of being a true elite Dou Zong with just this aura of his being sufficient to create such a scene!

The powerful pressure that slowly spread out from Yun Shan’s body like a torrent of water also attracted the attention of the chaotic battleground in the sky and the people in the open ground below. Immediately, numerous alarmed and uncertain gazes were shot out.

Although they were quite far apart, most of the people present were not ordinary people. Their eyesight was naturally extremely sharp. Hence, they were able to see the bright-red fist imprint on Yun Shan’s chest at a glance. They were involuntarily slightly startled. The gaze that they used to look at Xiao Yan had become somewhat unusual. It was unexpected that this fellow was able to leave behind an injury on Yun Shan’s body by just relying on his own strength. Although it seemed that this punch did not really injure Yun Shan after they looked at his aura, just being able to turn a Dou Zong into this manner was already enough to cause many people to be stunned.


Hai Bodong forced an elite Dou Huang from the Misty Cloud Sect in front of him back with a punch before he found some time to look at that battleground. He sensed the killing intent that seeped out from Yun Shan’s body and his expression also became solemn. Xiao Yan might have caused Yun Shan to suffer a little loss earlier but he had also clearly angered this old fellow. From the looks of the latter’s current appearance, he clearly planned to use his true ability to kill Xiao Yan.

“This fellow. I have already told him that it is fine as long as he delays Yun Shan. We will be able to go and aid him once the few of us finish off our opponents. However, he must go and anger Yun Shan!” Anxiety flashed across Hai Bodong’s face. He was just about to speak when a sharp wind once again pounced over, resulting in him being only able to hurriedly focus and receive his opponent. The other party was also a true elite Dou Huang. This kind of exchange did not allow him to split his attention.

“Ugh, I only hope that this fellow will be able to hold out a little longer…” Hai Bodong sighed in his heart. He hurriedly turned his mind to the opponent in front of him.

Jia Xing Tian and the other’s also understood the danger that Xiao Yan faced. However, due to them being pestered by the opponents in front of them, they were unable to free themselves. Hence, they could only pray that Xiao Yan would be able to endure longer in Yun Shan’s hands until they had finished off their opponents…

Xiao Yan’s expression became increasingly solemn as he sensed the pressure that spread over from all directions. From the looks of the aura, it was likely that Yun Shan’s strength was a little stronger than the First Elder Su Qian from the Inner Academy. It was likely that among the people whom he was acquainted with, only Medusa’s strength was comparable to his.

Hence, the opponent that he was facing this time around would be the strongest person that Xiao Yan had ever met. It was for this reason that Xiao Yan, who was quite confident in dealing with opponents in the past, truly felt a kind of uncertain pressing feeling this time around. The victory and defeat this time around was something that he could not control!

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He slowly shut his eyes and the Glazed Lotus Core Flame swiftly shuttled within his veins. An instant later, it suddenly erupted out from a countless number of pores!

The unusual pressing feeling slowly diminished following the eruption of the jade-green Glazed Lotus Core Flame. A moment later, it completely vanished. Under the Glazed Lotus Core Flame, which was a merger between two types of ‘Heavenly Flame’, the pressuring aura that Yun Shan imposed on Xiao Yan was reduced to its weakest point.

Surprise flashed across Yun Shan’s eyes as he looked at the jade-green flame that spread over Xiao Yan’s body. He immediately laughed coldly, “‘Heavenly Flame’? Seems that it is a little different compared to the past. Don’t tell me that this is your support? If that is the case, it is likely that you will be disappointed today.”

Xiao Yan completely ignored Yun Shan’s noise. He merely maneuvered the Dou Qi in his body and caused the feeling of being filled with strength to spread to every inch of his muscles.

Yun Shan’s face twitched a little when Xiao Yan ignored him. He immediately let out a dense, cold smile as his body suddenly moved. An afterimage surfaced and his body had suddenly surfaced in front of Xiao Yan in a ghost-like manner!

The sudden appearance of Yun Shan in front of him also caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to shrink slightly. The speed of an elite Dou Zong was indeed frightening. From the looks of Yun Shan’s instant maneuver, it was likely that it was even faster than when Xiao Yan moved with all his strength.

This thought flashed within Xiao Yan’s heart but his hand was not slow. The heavy ruler moved along with Xiao Yan’s heart. With a ‘chi’ sound, it cut through the air and carried a powerful force as it viciously smashed toward Yun Shan’s head in front of him.


The heavy ruler fell but Yun Shan did not dodge. He was expressionless as he waved his sleeves and collided head on with the heavy ruler. A clear sound immediately appeared.

The heavy ruler made contact with Yun Shan’s sleeves. The force contained on the heavy ruler not only fail to tear the latter’s sleeves but had suddenly moved back under the sharp powerful force.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly when the heavy ruler bounced off Yun Shan’s sleeves. However, Yun Shan did not wait for Xiao Yan to counterattack when the former let out a cold laugh. His hand curled into a claw shape and grabbed at the spot where Xiao Yan’s heart was located with lightning-like speed. From the looks of that momentum, it was likely that his attack would penetrate Xiao Yan’s chest and grab his heart if he were to be struck by such an attack.

Even though Xiao Yan possessed the speed of the superimposed wings, he was unable to dodge against such a short distance attack. However, it was fortunate that his experience in terms of close range physical combat was extremely great. He immediately appeared to act on conditional reflex as his hand tightened into a fist and violently struck Yun Shan’s hand-claw.


Yun Shan’s hand merely shook when the two collided. The skin on his arm was twisted strangely, resolving the force on Xiao Yan’s fist. His hand claw appeared to be like a poisonous snake opening its mouth as it viciously bit onto his fist. His sharp fingernails carried a couple of bright-red blood traces. This result was due to Xiao Yan possessing a powerful body from the protection of the Dou Qi, If had been an ordinary person, it was likely that his entire fist would have been cut off.

The pain that was transmitted from Xiao Yan’s fist caused his eyes to twitch. However, he did not panic even a little. He rotated his fist and the five fingers were spread out, transforming from a smash to a push as it blocked the attack that he received from Yun Shan.

Even Yun Shan could not help but let out a surprised ‘huh’ when he saw this sophisticated and practiced close range fighting awareness. He immediately let out a cold smile as both of his fists attacked. During this attack, he would occasionally use his palm, occasionally use his fist, or occasionally use a claw… the various attacking stances were all at Yun Shan’s fingertips. Additionally, they possessed the support of a powerful ocean-like Dou Qi to set them off. Even with Xiao Yan’s ability, he was repeatedly forced back under this kind of wild, violent attack. He even emitted some muffled groans because of a couple of head-on collisions. Clearly, he gained some injuries during this head on contact.

Xiao Yan and Yun Shan exchanged over ten lightning-like attacks within a split second. Their fists and palms were exchanged by both parties with their attacks being incomparably sharp. Quite a serious injury would appear if one was careless. However, on the whole, it was clear that Yun Shan had the upper hand in this wild, violent collision while Xiao Yan was only barely able to endure it.


Both fists once again violently struck each other. A powerful current-like Dou Qi finally caused Xiao Yan’s body to withdraw explosively. A trace of blood slowly flowed down the corner of his mouth with a muffled moan.

Yun Shan did not immediately give chase after forcing Xiao Yan back. He sat back and waited while arranging his somewhat messy robes. Only then did he laugh coldly at the latter, “I have said that all tactics are useless in front of an elite Dou Zong.”

Xiao Yan’s expression was dark and solemn as his hands shook. An enormous Heavy Xuan Ruler flashed and appeared. The Dou Qi within his body followed it and became violent. Finally, it poured into this ruler’s body like floodwater. With the pouring in of this powerful Dou Qi, the black-colored heavy ruler immediately turned jade-green, and there were even some jade-green flames that leaped and curled.

“Are you going to fight seriously? It’s just as well. If I finish you off quickly, those fellows will also stop putting up a resistance.” Yun Shan raised his brows when he saw this action of Xiao Yan. His large shriveled hand aimed at Xiao Yan and deep-green Dou Qi wildly agglomerated within his palm.

Xiao Yan also ceased delivering more Dou Qi after the dark-black heavy ruler turned into an emerald ruler. His hand tightly held the trembling Heavy Xuan Ruler and raised his hand to viciously look at Yun Shan who had raised his hand. Both of Xiao Yan’s hands were slowly raised high above his head. An instant later, he suddenly hacked down with great force.

“Flame Splitting Tsunami!”

A jade-green ruler glow that was over a hundred feet wide suddenly erupted from the tip of the heavy ruler following the cry that resounded over the sky. Finally, it cut through the air and rushed at Yun Shan.

“Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!”

Yun Shan’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at the jade-green ruler glow that was swiftly being magnified within his eyes before he let out a deep cry.

When Yun Shan’s deep cry sounded, the glow in his palm suddenly magnified and a large hand, dozens of feet wide, strangely appeared. Finally, it carried a fierce wind as it viciously and furiously slammed into the ruler’s glow.


Two attacks that contained an extremely terrifying force collided abruptly in front of the focus of a countless number of gazes in the open ground. At this moment, an ear-piercing energy explosion immediately resounded across the sky like thunder, causing them to feel momentarily deaf.

The energy ripple spread in all directions from the point of collision. Yun Shan narrowed his eyes and looked at the slightly distorted space caused by the spreading of the energy ripple. He was just about to sense Xiao Yan’s position when his expression suddenly changed.

A black figure suddenly rushed out from the point where the energy ripple was spreading when Yun Shan’s face changed. It appeared in front of the latter in an instant. A fist that contained a powerful energy smashed toward Yun Shan’s face.

“You’re seeking death!”

Yun Shan immediately laughed in anger when he saw that the other party actually dared to attack from the front. He immediately extended his hand in a lightning-like manner and easily grabbed the other person’s fist. However, he only saw ridicule when his gaze swept over the eyes of the young man in front of him…

Just as Yun Shan was absent-minded because of this, an ice-cold wind that contained an unusual heat suddenly surfaced behind him.

Surprise immediately surged within Yun Shan’s heart when he sensed the strength of the wind on his back. He wanted to withdraw and defend but Xiao Yan in front of him instantly converted his fist with a claw, firmly grabbing his arm.

During this instantaneous delay, that fierce attack arrived like a thunderbolt. Yun Shan tried his best to turn around at the very last moment only to see a somewhat illusory old human figure…

“Is this is that Spiritual Body within Xiao Yan?”

This thought had just flashed within his heart when that fierce attack firmly struck Yun Shan’s back. A mouthful of fresh blood was immediately and wildly spat out in front of a countless number of shocked gazes below!

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