Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!

Chapter 711: Great Sorrowful Wind Tearing Hand!

Xiao Yan sensed an unusual pressure being slowly spreading from the former’s body after Yun Shan’s cold voice slowly sounded. Under this pressure, the powerful flowing Dou Qi within his body also showed some signs of being slowed.

Deep-green Dou Qi that was just like liquid it completely wrapped around Yun Shan’s body. The repeatedly circulating Dou Qi emitted a faint glow. Some fluctuations even appeared in the surrounding air under this glow. Yun Shan was indeed worthy of being a true elite Dou Zong with just this aura of his being sufficient to create such a scene!

The powerful pressure that slowly spread out from Yun Shan’s body like a torrent of water also attracted the attention of the chaotic battleground in the sky and the people in the open ground below. Immediately, numerous alarmed and uncertain gazes were shot out.

Although they were quite far apart, most of the people present were not ordinary people. Their eyesight was naturally extremely sharp. Hence, they were able to see the bright-red fist imprint on Yun Shan’s chest at a glance. They were involuntarily slightly startled. The gaze that they used to look at Xiao Yan had become somewhat unusual. It was unexpected that this fellow was able to leave behind...

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