Chapter 71: Circumstances of the Xiao Clan (Teaser)

Chapter 71: Circumstances of the Xiao Clan

After sitting for nearly an hour, a pretty maid finally walked in. Her two hands carried a silver tray, and in the center of the tray was a faint red ring.

Taking the silver tray and sending back the maid, Ya Fei personally handed over the goods to Xiao Yan and smilingly said: “Old Sir, the cauldron as well as all the alchemic ingredients you need are all in the ‘Storage Ring’”.

Extending a hand to pick up the storage ring, Xiao Yan let it roll about in his palm then faintly nodded. Yao Lao’s voice also sounded out at just the right time: “Okay. After refining the Qi Gathering Pill, I will bring it to you.”

Ya Fei’s pretty eyes were filled with delight as shei hastily nodded.

“Alright, there’s no need for you to send me out. I’ll go out by myself.”

Waving his hand, Xiao Yan took the ring and slid it onto his finger. Then, without even turning back, he headed towards the back of the...

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