Chapter 706: Fighting Gu He

Chapter 706: Fighting Gu He

The atmosphere in the sky immediately became tensed with swords drawn after Gu He’s furious laughter sounded.

The expressions of Jia Xing Tian and the others suddenly changed when they heard that Xiao Yan actually made such a promise. Although the former’s strength had soared greatly, there was quite a big risk if he wanted to defeat Gu He within ten exchanges. Today, all the factions had gathered and headed to the Misty Cloud Sect in the hopes of destroying it in one go. Moreover, there was a one hundred thousand member army from the imperial family that had begun to surround the foot of the mountain. If Xiao Yan were to make any mistakes at this moment and allow Gu He to receive ten of his attacks, did they really need to stop all their attacks, which they had prepared for a long time for?

Would it not be too childish if this were the case? Once they withdrew today, it was likely that the Misty Cloud Sect would attack all out the next day and come and look for them one at a time.

Xiao Yan waved his hand when he saw everyone’s expression. After which, he flapped his jade-green fire wings on his back and an unusual heat caused the people around him to feel a boiling hot feeling....

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