Chapter 705: A Fight with Ten Exchanges

Chapter 705: A Fight with Ten Exchanges

A countless number of gazes on the open ground were lifted when they heard the clear laughter resounding across the sky. They immediately saw a large group of human figures rushing over before finally remaining suspended all over the sky.

The sudden appearance of a large number of people caused some commotion in the open ground. This was because they realized that everyone in the sky had a pair of Dou Qi wings on their backs. In this way, all of these people were at least experts of the Dou Wang class!

Quite a number of people quietly inhaled a breath of cool air when they thought of this. There were at the very least a couple dozen human figures in the sky. It was likely that even the Misty Cloud Sect would not be able to attract so many expert Dou Wangs with its strength.

On the wedding stage, Yun Shan’s expression slowly turned gloomy after hearing the laugh. He raised his head and his gaze appeared to see through the air as he looked at the black-robed, young man flapping his jade-green fire wings in the sky. His dark, cold voice resounded over the entire place.

“Ke ke, the dog that lost its home back then dares to say such...

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