Chapter 704: Wedding Day

Chapter 704: Wedding Day

The Misty Cloud Sect was a sea of joy today. Bright red colors lit this large mountain peak like lanterns.

The wedding of Sect Leader Yun Yun was an extremely important event to the entire Misty Cloud Sect. Moreover, the person whom Yun Yun was about to marry was Gu He who possessed an extremely great reputation. Hence, today’s wedding would undoubtedly be the most lively day of the Misty Cloud Sect in so many years.

Under this kind of joyous event, there were many people who had unknowingly forgotten about all the storms in the outside world. From the view of some people, the current strength of the Misty Cloud Sect within the Jia Ma Empire, this enormous sect, would still not feel threatened even if all the other factions in the empire were to join hands. This kind of confidence originated from their Misty Cloud Sect possessing the only elite Dou Zong in the entire Jia Ma Empire, Yun Shan!

The joyous noise resounded throughout the Misty Cloud Mountain since early in the morning. Following the slow rise of the bright sun in the sky, their joy became increasingly richer.

There were only two people sitting in a large hall within the Misty Cloud Sect. These two people...

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