Chapter 702: Treatment

Chapter 702: Treatment

“Old Jia, why have you woken me up? Didn’t I tell you that with my current diminished condition, I will not be able to be of much help…” The enormous beast had just appeared when a thunder-like voice that carried some displeasure resounded over the lake’s surface.

Jia Xingtian, who was standing on the top of the lake, raised his head and smiled at the Serene Sea Scaly Beast. He said, “Old fellow, I am not disturbing you. Look. What is this?” Jia Xingtian spoke as he waved his hand. That ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ broke through the jade bottle and was immediately suspended in front of him, flickering with a faint luster.

The appearance of the ‘Mixed Bone Molding Pill’ immediately resulted in a rich medicinal fragrance covering this lake. The Serene Sea Scaly Beast sniffed this medicinal fragrance before it was momentarily startled. Its loud voice had an additional joy that was difficult to hide. “The Mixed Bone Molding Pill? You have finally obtained it?”

Jia Xingtian smiled and nodded. His gaze immediately turned to Xiao Yan on the shore and laughed, “Mister Xiao Yan, we will trouble you for what comes next…”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly when he heard this. His shoulders...

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