Chapter 70: Investigation (Teaser)

Chapter 70: Investigation

Xiao Yan found an excuse to part with Xun Er before stealthily slipping out of the clan. Pausing quickly to think, he decided to go to the nearest small marketplace owned by the Jia Lie Clan.

Although he was not interested in helping the Elders to ease their troubles, he hoped within his capabilities, he could be of some help to his father. To help, he would need to know where to start, thus, Xiao Yan needed to first investigate the Jia Lie Clan’s marketplaces.

This small marketplace owned by the Jia Lie Clan was positioned in a somewhat remote area and thus usually enjoyed a small crowd. However, when Xiao Yan walked into the marketplace, he was overwhelmed by the jam-packed streets and the deafening clamor of the crowds.

On the wide street, people rushed about. Some bare-armed and burly men were shouting while desperately...

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