Chapter 696: Revealing Oneself

Chapter 696: Revealing Oneself

An unusual atmosphere covered a spacious and well lit large hall. A couple of human figures were seated within it. They would occasionally chat and smile, but even while they chatted, some of their gazes would involuntarily turn to the door. Clearly, they were a little absent-minded.

Although those people who were seated in this place were the leaders of the powerful factions within the Jia Ma Empire, they still felt somewhat ansty…


The tightly shut door suddenly opened as the clear sound of a door opening quietly resounded across the hall.

The backbone of these people within the hall could not help but straighten after the door was opened. Their gazes instantly shifted before stopping at the entrance.

The tightly shut door was completely opened under everyone’s gazes. A moment later a black-robed figure who had been absent for three years entered their eyes.

“Everyone, we have not met for three years. Are you well?”

The black-robed person’s appearance and laughter was missing a sentimental tenderness from three years ago as it reverberated softly in the hall.

The reverberating laughter within the hall also caused everyone to throw their gazes toward the entrance. A black-robed, young man was standing with a smile at that spot. Sunlight shone into...

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