Chapter 692: Females Picking On Each Other

Chapter 692: Females Picking On Each Other

Xiao Yan smiled and said, “Relax, leave the Misty Cloud Sect to me. I will make them pay the blood debt that they owe our Xiao clan many times over. Of course, there is also the disappearance of father… I will get them to pay the price for all of these, a price that is worse than death.”

“You are currently the pillar supporting the entire Xiao clan. As long as you remain standing, the Xiao clan will stand proudly. Hence, you must be extremely careful when you act!” Xiao Li softly said.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He placed Xiao Ding’s reminder in his heart before lifting his eyes and slowly sweeping them around him. The clan members were currently no longer as cautious and anxious as they were earlier. A kind of unusual expectation and confidence filled their faces. The origin of this confidence came from him!

At this moment, Xiao Yan once again sensed that the heavy burden on his shoulder was really heavy…

“Father, rest assured that I will let the Xiao clan once again return to the peak in my hands! Definitely, definitely…”

The Misty Cloud Sect’s attack on the Primer clan ultimately ended up with them suffering severe losses. Just as everyone thought that the strongest faction within the Jia Ma Empire would erupt into a thunderbolt-like...

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