Chapter 690: Discuss

Chapter 690: Discuss

“Hee hee, chief Xiao, we did not stir anyone’s attention when we entered the city this time around.” That Old Yin Gu swept his gaze over the hall and smiled as he spoke to Xiao Yan when the three people appeared.

“I have troubled the three of you.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He turned his head to Hai Bodong and said, “Old Hai, now, the number of Dou Huangs in my hands is not any lesser than the Misty Cloud Sect. What is there to fear?”

Hai Bodong revealed a stunned face as he looked at the three people who had appeared in the hall. Shock gradually swarmed into his heart. He realized that the strength of these three people were all similar to him. That old man with a dark-shadowy face was even a little stronger than him.

“You… it is unexpected that you still hid something. How unexpected…” Hai Bodong finally recovered from his shock a moment later. He smacked his lips and praised.

Xiao Yan smiled. He held the teacup with his hand and softly said, “As for that Yun Shan… leave him to…”

The space in the hall suddenly wiggled before his sentence was completed. Immediately, a tall and a short figure strangely surfaced. That person with a tall figure was wearing a red dress. Her bewitching pretty face was filled with an unusual allure. However,...

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