Chapter 689: State of Affairs

Chapter 689: State of Affairs

“Old Hai, this is the reward that the little me had promised you back then.. It will enable you to recover your peak strength back then. Ke ke, however, please forgive me. Xiao Yan has owed you this medicinal pill for three years… three years can be long or short…”

The figure suspended in the sky suddenly stiffened. It was a long while later before an excited expression swiftly spread across Hai Bodong’s face. His hands trembled as he received the jade bottle and inhaled a deep breath of air. There was some moisture contained in those old eyes as he spoke in a hoarse voice, “I have also waited three years for this day… to think that little fellow still remembered our agreement.”

When Yun Du and Yun Sha were defeated, this enormous attack to exterminate the Primer clan had slowly ended with a situation that no one had expected under the focus of the eyes of many in the capital.

In this fight, the Misty Cloud Sect, which had come charging forth in a menacing manner, had ended up suffering a wild blow. Not only were the nine experts completely defeated but over half of the ordinary disciples were killed or injured. Those who had remained alive were immediately locked up in the...

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