Chapter 688: Situation

Chapter 688: Situation

The faint sound of rolling-thunder reverberated in the distant sky. A black figure suddenly surfaced and two human figures seemed to have suffered a serious blow. Their bodies trembled and their expressions instantly became white. A mouthful of bright-red fresh blood involuntarily spat out from their mouths. The two human figures were like birds with broken wings as they weakly fell from the sky in front of the countless number of shocked gazes in the city below.


The two human figures carried a sharp wind as they fell into the city. Finally, they smashed into the hard road like cannonballs. Immediately, a wild and violent strength swept out like floodwater. The enormous deep pit made an enormous crack line swiftly spread from the spot where the figures landed. Finally, it formed an extremely conspicuous crack line leading to a deep pit in the middle of the city.

Dust drifted out from the deep pit before it was finally blown by the breeze and completely scattered. The two miserable human figures within it slowly appeared in front of the many gazes...

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