Chapter 687: The Shock of the Misty Cloud Sect

Chapter 687: The Shock of the Misty Cloud Sect

“This aura…”

Yun Shan’s eyes were filled with disbelief. He suddenly stood up and muttered with his mouth, “How can it be? This little fellow is actually still alive…” The muttering had just sounded when Yun Shan seemed to recall something. His expression suddenly changed. His body flashed and disappeared from this training room in a ghost-like manner.

The direction he had sensed the eruption of this aura earlier was clearly that of the capital. At this moment… there was a large unit that the Misty Cloud Sect had sent to the capital!

The grand hall of the Misty Cloud Sect was completely chaotic. Various noises mixed with panicked voices. Finally, they lingered within the hall, causing one’s head to expand with giddiness.

Yun Shan also knit his brows because of this chaos when his body flashed into the grand hall. He cried out in a deep stern voice, “Quiet down. What a scandal to be in such confusion!”

The noise within the hall immediately began to quietly disappear when everyone saw Yun Shan who had suddenly appeared. It was finally completely quiet a moment later.

Yun Shan coldly snorted only after seeing that the grand hall had recovered its silence. He sat down in...

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