Chapter 686: Sweep Away

Chapter 686: Sweep Away

Puff! Puff! Puff!

The low, deep of a physical body exploding repeatedly resounded within the enormous manor. This sound was like the sickle of a death god. Without exception, a Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple would turn into ashes each time it sounded.

The Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples swarmed toward the innermost layer of the manor like floodwaters. The people behind were completely unaware of the unexpected changes that had occurred at the front due to their limited vision. Hence, when their swarming momentum gradually entered a certain boundary, the sickle of the death god sliced over…

A terror and disturbance finally spread in all directions as an increasing number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples’ bodies strangely auto-ignited. Hence, the atmosphere fell greatly, spurred on by the terror. Finally, they were unable to endure any longer and began to wildly withdraw…

The white-colored torrent that had just come surging over like floodwaters once again fled miserably in all directions a moment later. Their panicked manner was as though they were afraid that the strange auto-ignition would descend upon them.

Hence, the enormous attack of the Misty Cloud Sect began to...

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