Chapter 685: Start a Massacre

Chapter 685: Start a Massacre

The rays of light flew across the sky and appeared in the sky above the capital a moment later.

Over a dozen human figures were flapping the Dou Qi wings on their backs as they eventually sat and waited while surrounding Yun Du and the others in a semicircle shape in front of the dull gazes of the entire city. Their faces all contained some ridicule.

The entire city once again became silent at the appearance of these ten plus human figures with wings extending from their backs. Countless numbers of people were stunned as they looked at the large Dou Wang unit that had suddenly appeared. Over ten expert Dou Wangs? This lineup… many people quietly inhaled a breath of cool air. Their heads began to feel giddy. There were at most only a couple of dozen expert Dou Wangs in the entire Jia Ma Empire. However, they were actually able to see so many of them today!

The expressions of Yun Du’s group had turned pale-white at the appearance of these ten plus human figures. Their eyes were filled with shock and disbelief. Only at this moment did they truly feel a kind of terror. The current Xiao Yan already possessed a frightening strength that could shake the Misty Cloud Sect…

“Xiao Yan… are all these...

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