Chapter 683: Debt Collection!

Chapter 683: Debt Collection!

Naturally, Jia Lao was not the only one who had discovered the sudden arrival of the clear rolling-thunder. At the same time, the few leaders who possessed quite a strong faction within the empire revealed stunned faces as they looked in the direction the roaring sound had come from. However, other than the Head of the Alchemist Association, Fa Ma, the other people did not possess sharp senses. Hence, they naturally had difficulty identifying the person who had arrived. Even though this was the case, the majestic Dou Qi that was contained in the roar caused their expressions to change drastically. This kind of strength was something that even the old demon Jia Xing Tian in the imperial city could not be compared with. Since when had such a strong person appeared in the Jia Ma Empire.

The couple of them were not the only ones who had gained such questions. Everyone in the capital was completely stunned. Clearly, there was not a single person aware of just when an expert, who possessed such a strength, had appeared in the Jia Ma Empire.

The clear roar was just like thunder that rolled and arrived. Doubt had flashed in everyone’s heart when silver-colored lightning suddenly...

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