Chapter 682: Rush to the Capital!

Chapter 682: Rush to the Capital!


Blades that were dyed in fresh blood collided, erupting into waves of sparks. Human figures flashed and the low, deep sound emitted when the blade cut across flesh creepily sounded outside of this mansion, which was filled with the sounds of killing.

After a couple of rounds of charging and killing, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples had endured a couple of waves of counter attacks by the Primer clan. The true close combat collision erupted the moment they began to charge into the outer yard of the mansion!

Although the Misty Cloud Sect had recruited a large number of disciples during these few years, they were naturally unable to train them into very strong individuals within a short period of time. The Primer clan, however, was different. Most of the clan’s guards were elites who had been specially trained for many years. Hence, even though they were outnumbered when the close range fight erupted, the Misty Cloud Sect could only fight in the outermost part of the manor regardless of how wildly they charge around. They had difficulty charging into the inner part of the manor.

At this moment, this enormous manor was impregnable under the tight defense of the Primer clan. Although the Misty Cloud Sect had come charging menacingly, they were still repelled outside of it.

The external surroundings...

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