Chapter 681: Bloody Battle

Chapter 681: Bloody Battle

Chi! Chi!

The moment Yun Du’s cry sounded, the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples, which had completely surrounded the Primer clan until nothing could pass through, immediately carried a sharp sword aura and charged toward the enormous mansion like a tiger that had just descended from its mountain. The cries of killing intent that instantly erupted caused the faces of the many surrounding observers to become pale.


A clear, cold cry also resounded just as a countless number of Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples swarmed toward the Primer clan like flood water. Immediately, one could hear the sound of bows being strung throughout the mansion. A moment later, countless arrows tore through the air, transforming it into raining arrows that swarmed over the white-colored torrent!

The raining arrows quietly blocked some of the attacking momentum of the Misty Cloud Sect. However, soon after, countless clusters of bright Dou Qi surged and the effects of the arrows were greatly diminished. Using this momentum, that white-colored torrent moved much closer to the mansion. Some of the faster people were already in close proximity to the mansion itself.

Pop! Pop!

However, there...

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