Chapter 68: Fallen Heart Flame

Chapter 68: Fallen Heart Flame

In the narrow cave, Yao Lao watched with closed eyes as Xiao Yan trained his Dou Qi. Rubbing his reddish eyes with his hands, Yao Lao knew that he was one of the reasons why Xiao Yan had chosen this dangerous technique. Emotions welled up within his old heart as he turned to face the sky. With a low sigh, he murmured: “Rest assured, I will definitely nurture you into the most outstanding Alchemist……”

After making the breakthrough to become a Dou Zhe, one would possess the qualifications to practice a Qi Method. After practicing a Technique, the attributeless milky white Dou Qi within the body would change into the same attribute as the practiced Technique.

One did not need too much time for the first Dou Qi change, thus barely two hours later, Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes from his cross legged sitting position.

Having practiced the Dou Qi Technique, Xiao Yan looked full of vitality and vigor compared to before. In high spirits, his delicate face shone even more with the glossiness of a beautiful piece of jade.

Xiao Yan blinked a few times as his eyes adjusted to the lighting in the cave which had become much brighter than before. Lightly smiling, he knew that this increase in sensitivity was due to the practice of the Qi Method.

“Have you succeeded?” Yao Lao asked with a smile on his face.

“Yeah.” Xiao Yan nodded as he held out a fair palm. The Qi Vortex within his body swirled, as a stream of pale yellow Dou Qi left the vortex before finally stopping at an acupuncture point on his palm.

Materializing Dou Qi could only be achieved by those who had attained at least the Da Dou Shi level. The current Xiao Yan obviously did not possess that level of strength, thus the Dou Qi in his body was unable to emerge from the acupuncture point on his palm. The Dou Qi stayed stuck causing Xiao Yan’s fair palm to be gradually suffused in a light yellow glow, like an almost burnt out candle, barely able to scatter away the darkness.

Light yellow was the color of a fire attributed Low Huang Qi Method. The higher the rank of the Qi Method, the deeper the color.

As his eyes gazed upon the meager yellow light on his palm, Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. Lifting his head, he forced a smile as he said: “Before this “Flame Mantra” evolves, my Dou Qi would be of a lower rank than almost everyone else. No need to consider those of a higher level, I can’t even be sure of winning over someone of the same level who had practiced a Xuan Level Method...”

“Though the “Flame Mantra” is only at the Low Huang now, its might would not lose to that of a Middle Huang. Moreover, although the Qi Method is weak, don’t you still have your Dou Techniques? Three Xuan Level Dou Techniques are enough to make up for the gap in your Method.” Yao Lao smiled as he consoled Xiao Yan. Shortly after he added a warning: “Since your Qi Method is inferior to others, it also means that your endurance levels cannot compare to theirs. Therefore, in future battles, you need to be more efficient, no more wasted movements and every move must contain your full force behind it! Make sure to end each fight quickly!”

Xiao Yan nodded in understanding, however his face puckered as if still somewhat depressed.

Seeing this look on Xiao Yan and knowing his personality, Yao Lao helplessly shook his head. With no other alternative, he could only pay the price and say: “When you have thoroughly mastered the three Dou Techniques you now possess, I will once again give you a new Dou Technique. You’ll be biting off more than you can chew right now, you should understand this principle right?

“What rank?” Xiao Yan’s eyes lit up as he very carefully inquired.

Angry yet happy at Xiao Yan’s cautious appearance, Yao Lao stroked his beard and coldly snorted: “All I’ll say is that it won’t be lower than the level of “Octane Blast”.”

At these words, Xiao Yan face immediately lit up like the sun. Octane Blast was a High Xuan Dou Technique, what could be higher than that?

Di Level!

Though Di Level was only one grade better than High Xuan Level, the distance between the two was as wide as the grand canyon. With enough wealth and a bit of luck, one could occasionally obtain a High Xuan Dou Technique from a high-ranking auction. Yet a Di Level Dou Technique could be said to be priced beyond the market as it was once heard that in the imperial capital of Jia Ma Empire, the price of a Di Level Dou Technique had rocketed to a sky-high price of about ten million, which was equivalent to an entire year of taxes from the entire Jia Ma Empire.

Although it was merely one grade of difference, the price between the two was more than a hundred times. From this it could be seen that Xuan Level and Di Level were two completely different concepts.

Thinking about this almost legendary level, Xiao Yan’s feelings boiled over, wishing he could compel Yao Lao to teach it to him straightaway. However, after considering the status and relationship between the two of them, he decided to obediently give up on that comical idea.

“Teacher, when will you teach me Alchemy?” Temporarily letting go of the thoughts of the Di Level Dou Technique , Xiao Yan asked yet again.

“Alchemy is not meant to be learnt in this small and tiny clan.” Yao Lao answered as he shook he head. Smiling, he continued: “In addition, almost half the time has passed since you made the three year bet between yourself and Nalan Yanran. It is foolish to stay in Wu Tan City any more, the training speed here is too slow. Furthermore, I am unable to utilise some training methods due to complicated and various reasons. Thus I want to bring you on a training trip for slightly over a year.”

“More than a year?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was somewhat hesitant, however when he thought about that haughty woman, he resolutely nodded his head and replied: “Okay, a year, so be it. When do we leave?”

“Let us wait for two months.” Yao Lao smiled and said.

“Why wait for so long?” Xiao Yan asked in bewilderment.

“Because one month later is the time for Jia Nan Academy to enroll new students and you need to go register.” Yao Lao lightly smiled as he replied.

Rolling his eyes, Xiao Yan forced out a smile and questioned: “What do I need to do there? I am not lacking in Qi Methods or Dou Techniques, what else can they teach me?”

“I’m not asking you to learn something there.” Yao Lao gave him ‘the eye’ as his eyebrows creased. Lowering his voice, Yao Lao said: “You need to go to Jia Nan Academy to search for a type of “Heavenly Flame”, I had previously obtained intelligence that in Jia Nan Academy there should be a type of Heavenly Flame called “Fallen Heart Flame”. This Heavenly Flame is ranked 14th on the “Heavenly Flames List”! If you are able to obtain this Heavenly Flame, “Flame Mantra” could possibly evolve……”

“Fallen Heart Flame?”

Xiao Yan softly whispered this queer name to himself as his eyes gradually lit up.

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