Chapter 679: Primer’s Calamity

Chapter 679: Primer’s Calamity

The Jia Ma Sacred City was the capital city of the Jia Ma Empire. Being the most bustling city of the entire empire, the human flow that it consumed and released each day had reached quite a frightening number. However, this bustling city had a somewhat pressuring atmosphere at this moment. There was the faint suppressed feeling of a storm brewing.

Such a feeling was naturally spread and created by the Primer clan, which had suddenly announced a temporary closure of all its auction houses and shops. This action by one of the three large clans of the empire undoubtedly indicated to everyone that quite a big trouble would fall on their heads.

The public did not lack some people who were well informed. Hence, there were some rumors spread that the Misty Cloud Sect had plans to exterminate the Primer clan.

This rumor immediately stirred up quite a big commotion within the city the moment it spread. The people of the Jia Ma Empire could clearly see that the Misty Cloud Sect was becoming increasingly arrogant these couple of years. Moreover, other than the imperial family, the only faction within the entire Jia Ma Empire that could cause the Primer clan, who had become the top of the three large clans, to act so cautiously was likely only the Misty Cloud Sect, which was a short distance from the capital...

The atmosphere within the headquarters of the Primer clan, which was situated toward the south of the city was exceptionally tense while the rumors were spreading all over the city. Anxious human figures paced back and forth in the mansion. All the guards had also been deployed back from the other places to guard this mansion extremely tightly. A countless number of arrow bunches that possessed cold flickering glints in the darkness were swaying unsteadily all over the mansion. The sharp long arrows would instantly be shot out upon the appearance of any uninvited guests!

While human figures were rushing about all over the mansion, the atmosphere in the spacious meeting room in the center of the mansion was extremely tense. Everyone seated in that place were the core members of the Primer clan. At this moment, their expressions were mostly ugly. Of course, it was likely anyone in the Jia Ma Empire who suddenly become a target of the Misty Cloud Sect would have difficulty forming a smile on their faces.

“Ya Fei, is the news that the Misty Cloud Sect is about to attack our Primer clan true?” An old man in the hall frowned and inquired softly.

All the gazes in the hall shot toward the pretty woman who was seated in the leader’s seat when they heard the old man’s question. The latter’s enchantingly beautiful face was also covered with a solemn expression at this moment. She nodded slightly in the face of everyone’s eyes and said, “First Elder, this news is indeed true. It is likely that the Misty Cloud Sect will really act within two days!”

Although everyone already had an answer in their hearts, the faces of many people in the hall still became much darker upon hearing Ya Fei’s confirmation.

The face of the old man who was called First Elder was somewhat familiar. If one were to observe it carefully, one would realize that he was the head of the Primer clan back then, Primer Tengshan. However, hearing the manner in which Ya Fei addressed him, it seemed that he had handed over the position of the clan head during these three years…

Primer Tengshan slowly sighed when he heard Ya Fei’s words. He descended into a silence amid the desperate state of the clan.

“All of this is because of those fellows from the Xiao clan. If we did not help them, we would not have offended the Misty Cloud Sect and the problems today would not occur!” A somewhat sharp voice sounded under the pressure brought by the three words ‘Misty Cloud Sect’. Quite a number of agreement immediately followed when the voice sounded. Clearly, they were finally unable to suppress the thought in their hearts when disaster struck.

“All of you shut up!” Primer Tengshan immediately became furious when he heard the noise in the Meeting Room. His palm slammed violently onto the table. The sudden loud sound shocked everyone into being quiet.

Primer Tengshan looked at the calm faced man who was seated in a wheelchair beside him after suppressing everyone. He immediately glanced at the somewhat icy-cold face of Hai Bodong with his eyes shut beside Ya Fei. He let out a bitter laugh and said, “Mister Xiao Ding, my clan members have lost themselves and allowed you to see a joke.”

Xiao Ding smiled and shook his head when he heard Primer Tengshan words. His gaze slowly swept over everyone’s faces. Anyone who exchanged gazes with him would involuntarily shift their gaze away a moment later. Although this man’s legs were currently crippled, everyone would involuntarily feel some chillness for some unknown reason when they looked at the face where a faint smile was hung.

His clan was nearly destroyed and he had been turned into a state where he became a cripple who could only rely on his wheelchair. These sudden changes were sufficient to cause any ordinary person to become crazy. However, this man appeared to be totally unaffected. That manner was as though he was without emotion… this kind of person was indeed very frightening.

“First Elder Tengshan, this matter is indeed related to our Xiao clan…” Xiao Ding laughed. His gaze swept toward Primer Tengshan as he said, “If the Misty Cloud Sect really wants to attack the Primer clan, you can hand me or even half of the clan members to them. After which, you can announce that these are all the remaining people of the Xiao clan. Please try to think of a way to quietly let the other clan members leave. The Xiao clan might be met with a great calamity but some of our blood must remain!”

Many people in the hall were somewhat stunned when they heard Xiao Ding’s words. The coldness in their hearts became more intense as they looked at the smile hanging on the former’s face. With a casual tone, he had handed himself and half of his clan out. This tactic could not be described as being not vicious.

Primer Tengshan’s eyelids also twitched at Xiao Ding’s words. He deeply looked at the smiling Xiao Ding before he quietly spoke in his heart, “He might be young but he has stayed absolutely rational. The Xiao clan need not be worry that it cannot prosper with such talent. Unfortunately…”

“Little fellow Xiao Ding, you can rest assured that no one will hand you over. Even if I have to risk this old life of mine and half of the Primer clan, the old me will ensure nothing will happen to you!” An ice-cold voice suddenly sounded. Everyone raised their heads and saw that Hai Bodong had unknowingly opened his eyes. Those somewhat lush blue eyes had a cold glint currently flickering in them. Everyone who had any objection had no choice but to wisely swallow the words in their mouth in the face of this cold glint.

“Old Hai…” Xiao Ding was startled. His eyes, which were like an old well without ripples, also began to fluctuate a little. He clearly understood in his heart that if Ya Fei and Hai Bodong had not tried their best to protect them within the Primer clan, it was likely that the Xiao clan would have already lost their protection. However, he did not expect that Hai Bodong was still this stubborn after things had developed until this stage. He was even willing to lose half of the Primer clan.

“Old Hai, are you still waiting for third brother to return…” Xiao Ding laughed bitterly before he softly sighed. At this moment, even he no longer had such a great confidence. Perhaps, he could only hope that Xiao Yan would be able to return in the future and help take revenge for the Xiao clan.

“Ha ha, I have confidence in that fellow…” Hai Bodong laughed out loud. His gaze immediately glanced at Primer Tengshan by the side and coldly snorted, “All of you only know how to be short-sighted like a mouse. Do you think that the Misty Cloud Sect has really decided to attack us, the Primer clan, because of the Xiao clan? It is not as though you are unaware of their activities these few years. The three large clans of the empire and even the imperial family. Hmph, just wait and see who will be able to luckily escape.”

Primer Tengshan was silent. He immediately laughed bitterly and sighed. How could he not be aware that the current Misty Cloud Sect was showing signs of cleaning up the factions in the empire. However, it would be for the best if they could delay this a little longer… he might think in this manner within his heart but he did not dare to give voice to it. Hai Bodong was the true Grand Elder within the clan. There was no doubt about his credit in enabling the Primer clan to possess its current status. Even he dared not dispute him. Of course, if Hai Bodong did not possess such a great reputation within the Primer clan, with just Ya Fei’s ability alone, she would have difficulty controlling the clan regardless of how capable she was.

“What should we do now? Why don’t we request for help from the Mu clan, Nalan clan, the Alchemist Association, or the imperial family?” Primer Tengshan sighed again.

“It’s useless…” Ya Fei shook her head. Her delicate finger gently knocked on the table as her bright eyes swept over the large hall. She said, “The Misty Cloud Strength is currently too great. Even they don’t dare to provoke them. If they really wanted to help us, they would have sent people over without us requesting for help. If they don’t wish to or don’t dare to, any request for help will not aid the situation.”

“Then… do we just sit here and wait to die?” Some people in the hall could endure it no longer as they asked.

Ya Fei raised her eyes, turned her head and spoke to Primer Tengshan, “First Elder, in order to prepare for the worst, I have already quietly sent some of the younger generations of our Primer clan out of the capital to protect our clan’s bloodline. If it really comes to that stage, I’m afraid that other than surrender, we can only fight to our deaths!”

“Ugh, girl, you have indeed thought ahead to actually prepare our clan’s escape route. However, that kind of situation… is also too terrible,” Primer Tengshan was startled when he heard this. It seemed that he had just become aware of these things.

“Surrender… I don’t think that our ending will be any good if we do so.”


Primer Tengshan sighed again. He was just about to speak when the entire Jia Ma Empire’s sky suddenly emitted a rolling-thunder-like explosion.

The explosion continued on endlessly, causing the entire city’s gaze to be thrown onto the sky. At this moment, a cloud that was agglomerated from energy was formed at the source of the explosion. By the side of the cloud was a longsword that was emitting a sharp aura as it pierced straight into the former.

“This is the Misty Cloud Sect’s signal…” The entire city erupted into waves of exclamation as they looked at the special energy mark in the sky. Some sensitive people displayed shocked faces. Did this Misty Cloud Sect really want to attack the Primer clan?

Quite a number of people swarmed out of the hall within the Primer clan. They looked at the mark in the sky and their expressions immediately turned pale-white.

“Primer clan, hand over the remaining members of the Xiao clan. Otherwise, today will be the day your clan is eliminated!”

A cold, indifferent cry was carried by a powerful Dou Qi as it resounded like thunder throughout the entire Jia Ma Sacred City not long after the mark appeared!

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