Chapter 678: Discussion in the Sect

Chapter 678: Discussion in the Sect

The enormous mountain peak stood lonely and silent in a plain. The cloudy, tall mountain peak was just like a the tip of a blade, faintly emitting a sharp sword aura as it pierced through the clouds. Loud and clear training noises and the collision of metals were lingering within the fog.

The Misty Cloud Mountain was still the Misty Cloud Mountain from back then. However, the Misty Cloud Sect located on it had changed drastically from back then. The entire mountain peak was filled with a countless number of patrols. Anyone who stepped into it would be immediately observed by the hidden gazes. It was just like a mountainous fortress with extremely tight defenses.

This place was the enormous camp of the Misty Cloud Sect!

Due to the Misty Cloud Sect have recruited a large number of disciples, the current Misty Cloud Sect was undoubtedly much larger than it was compared to three years ago. This was the reason that they had enough people to truly put in place a tight defensive line with sentries three steps apart all over this enormous mountain peak.

Although the strength of the sect had become much stronger, not only did the outsiders but also some of those Misty Cloud Sect’s...

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