Chapter 676: Kill

Chapter 676: Kill

Yun Fan inhaled a deep breath of air as he watched the black-robed, young man who was walking over with a smile that was increasingly icy-cold. He held the dark-blue longsword tightly in his hand and the Dou Qi within his body churned unceasingly, appearing like floodwater. The shock in his heart had been greatly reduced as his eyes stared intently at Xiao Yan. A thought, however, had rose in his heart.

“This brat will definitely look for the Misty Cloud Sect to take revenge now that he has returned to the Jia Ma Empire. Looks like I must send this information to the sect. Otherwise, we might be caught off guard in the future.”

Yun Fan’s eyes flickered. He turned his head toward the similarly pale-faced Meng Li and said in a soft and quick manner, “I will delay him. Take the opportunity to leave. After which inform the sect leader of Xiao Yan’s return!” He did not wait for Meng Li’s response after his words sounded. His shoulders shook and a pair of pale-blue Dou Qi wings surged out. His feet gently pressed on the ground and his body turned into a vague shadow. It was mixed with sharp blade wind as he shot toward Xiao Yan.

“Be careful!”

Mu Tie’s heart tightened...

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