Chapter 675: Mu Tie

Chapter 675: Mu Tie

The sudden laugh broke the anxious swords-drawn atmosphere within the yard. Many people held stunned expressions. Someone actually dared to hurl such insults at Yun Shan in the current Jia Ma Empire?

A dark coldness gradually surge up Yun Fan’s face. He slowly raised his head and threw his gaze toward the sky like everyone else.

However, everyone’s expression changed a little when their gazes looked at the ten plus enormous flying beast lingering in the sky. Who were these uninvited guest?

Mu Tie also looked at the flying Magical Beast in the sky in alarm. He hurriedly waved his hand as he felt lost in this situation. The large group that was gathered behind him swarmed forward and surrounded him. Their gazes were cautious as they looked at those uninvited guests in the sky.

“Everyone isn’t people from the Jia Ma Empire right?” Yun Fan’s expression was dark and cold as he looked at the ten plus Magical Beast in the sky. He coldly said, “This is our Misty Cloud Sect’s issue, I will advise all of you not to meddle in another’s business!”

“Ke ke, it is indeed the Misty Cloud Sect.”

A faint laugh was emitted again from the back of the Tiger Eagle Beast suspending in the sky after Yun Fan’s voice sounded. Immediately,...

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