Chapter 674: Zhen Gui Pass! Old Acquaintance!

Chapter 674: Zhen Gui Pass! Old Acquaintance!

Xiao Yan’s group was coming increasingly closer to their destination after two long months of flying. According to what the map indicated, they would soon be able to reach the border of the Jia Ma Empire…

Time flowed by amid this dull flying. When the endless, long journey once again passed through a majestic mountain range, the large outline of a fortress faintly appeared at the edge of their sight.

The fortress was built against the mountains, appearing much like a ferocious tiger that guarded the key route that led from the empire to its exterior. Anyone who wanted to leave the Jia Ma Empire must pass through this enormous fortress. This heavily guarded fortress had swallowed an unknown number of ghosts. They were the ghosts of people who died on the battlefield during these years. This had also caused many empires around to fear it like one feared a tiger.

Hence this fortress had a rather fierce name.

Zhen Gui Pass! (Ghost Crushing Pass)

A smile slowly solidified on Xiao Yan’s face as his gaze swept toward the outline of the enormous fortress in the distant horizon. He stood up on the enormous head of the Tiger Eagle Beast and looked down on the city fortress that still emitted a ghastly aura despite being a great distance away. A moment later, a smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth and swiftly widened. Finally, a...

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