Chapter 672: Activity of the Misty Cloud Sect

Chapter 672: Activity of the Misty Cloud Sect

There were three human figures sitting in a heavily guarded hall in the enormous mansion of the Primer clan situated in the capital of the Jia Ma Empire. The atmosphere there was somewhat heavy.

“Ya Fei, has something happened for you to call us all here so anxiously?” An old man who was wearing a pale-blue robe in the lower part of the hall knit his brows slightly and looked at the beautiful lady seated on the leader’s seat before taking the lead to speak.

“Ke ke, that’s right. Ya Fei xiao-jie, we have coincidentally received an assignment today and we are in a rush.” A man was seated in a wheelchair on the other side of the hall. His gaze was also looking at the lady seated on the leader’s seat as he smiled and spoke

TL: xiao-jie - a form of address to a lady (daughter) of a rich and powerful family

“Big brother Xiao Ding, you can just call me Ya Fei. This form of address of yours appear much too stranger like.” The lady in the leader’s seat had a jade-like face and picture like eyes. The smiling arc that was lifted on the corner of her sleek red mouth easily filled her with a mature and enchanting style, appearing...

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