Chapter 670: Leaving the Inner Academy

Chapter 670: Leaving the Inner Academy

The originally remote area deep within the mountains not far from the Inner Academy, which was usually void of any people, had quite a number of human figures gathered at this moment. Numerous gazes were thrown at the smiling black-robed, young man in front. The slightly low atmosphere continued to linger due to the imminent parting of ways.

“Have you decided to leave today?” Su Qian looked at Xiao Yan in front of him and sighed.

“He he, the matter at second brother’s end is settled. It is time that I take my leave.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His gaze slowly swept over the familiar faces in this remote mountain area. A moment later, he laughed softly and said, “The reason I have called everyone here is because I don’t wish for the news of my departure to spread within the Inner Academy and cause everyone in ‘Pan’s Gate’ to be depressed.”

Wu Hao, Hu Jia, and the others nodded quietly. Xiao Yan’s imminent departure also caused them to feel somewhat depressed.

“First Elder, thank you for taking care of me these few years. Xiao Yan will not forget this favor.” Xiao Yan once again bowed to Su Qian and spoke sincerely.

Su Qian smiled and nodded. He immediately patted Xiao Yan’s shoulders and said, “Little fellow, you should be careful on this trip! I will send someone to take care of that ‘Xiao Gate’ of yours. You will definitely still be able to see a complete ‘Xiao Gate’ the next time that you return.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He took two steps back, cupped his hands toward everyone and said in a solemn voice, “Everyone, Xiao Yan will not forget our ties from living together for three years. As long as Xiao Yan is alive, anyone can come and look for me in the Jia Ma Empire if you need any help in the future!”

Xiao Yan’s words that carried a little of the temperament of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ caused everyone to be happy. The depressed atmosphere because of the separation had also become slightly more relaxed.

“Xiao Yan, we will go to the Jia Ma Empire to look for you once Hu Jia and I successfully breakthrough to the Dou Wang class. We will come and help you at that time!” A warm, gentle smile was revealed on Wu Hao’s face as he spoke.

“Xiao Yan will definite drink with all of you until we are drunk to apologize for having to leave in such a hurry today!” Xiao Yan laughed out loud.

“Can we leave already?” A cool, cold voice was transmitted from a treetop. Everyone lifted their heads and their hearts let out praise when they saw Medusa’s cold, glamorous, exquisite face. They hurriedly shifted their gazes away. This woman was someone whom even an expert like Su Qian was afraid of, much less everyone else.

Xiao Yan smiled and did not continue to delay after hearing Medusa’s urging. He cupped his hands toward everyone and spoke with clear laughter, “Everyone, take care. We will say goodbye here. Let’s meet in the future if we have the affinity to do so!” Xiao Yan turned his head to Lin Yan, Lin Xiu Ya, Liu Qing and Zi Yan by the side and waved his hand as he spoke.

“Let’s go!”

The four of them nodded their heads slightly when they heard Xiao Yan’s voice. They immediately cupped their hands toward everyone and their Dou Qi wings gradually surfaced on their backs. Their wings were flapped and their bodies slowly rose into the sky.

“Xiao Yan… be careful. Do not be reckless if you meet any problems!” Xiao Yu finally could not resist taking a step forward. She spoke with reddened eyes when she saw Xiao Yan summon his beautiful jade-green fire wings.

“Ke ke, relax. I will send someone to inform all of you once I have settled the issue within the Jia Ma Empire.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He immediately turned his body in a dashing manner and flapped his fire wings. Without any procrastination, he transformed into a dark-green fire figure that flew toward the deep mountains. After which, Medusa, Lin Yan, Zi Yan and the two others followed close behind.

Everyone watched the human figures gradually disappear from sight and eventually withdrew their gazes a moment later. They sighed softly with one another. They knew that the danger that Xiao Yan faced when he returned to the Jia Ma Empire was quite great. The Misty Cloud Sect had stood in the Jia Ma Empire for many years. Its foundation was incomparably solid. Even though Xiao Yan had the help of a strong person like Medusa, it was likely that he would have difficulty obtaining an absolute advantage. What awaited Xiao Yan this time around might well be an extremely intense and fierce fight!

Victory or defeat all rest on Xiao Yan alone.

“First Elder, can Xiao Yan succeed this time around?” Hu Jia withdrew her gaze and suddenly asked in a soft voice. Everyone threw their gazes toward Su Qian, who was standing with his hands behind his back, when they heard this question.

“It is difficult to say…” Su Qian sighed and said, “The Jia Ma Empire is quite xenophobic. Hence, this resulted in their entire empire only possessing a single faction like the Misty Cloud Sect. Due to the long heritage of the Misty Cloud Sect, it could be considered quite a good faction even when placed in the south-western continent. Although Xiao Yan has an extraordinary training talent, his grounding is too weak. He might have gathered quite a number of people this time around but it is still unknown just who will be defeated.”

The expression of Wu Hao and the others became somewhat gloomy when they heard Su Qian speak in this manner. However, they also knew that it was useless regardless of how much they worried for Xiao Yan. Even if they followed Xiao Yan to the Jia Ma Empire, it was likely they would only end up being a burden.

“Ke ke, alright, all of you need not be worried. We will eventually know whether he succeed or fail in the future. If Xiao Yan really did destroy the Misty Cloud Sect, it is likely that his name will spread throughout this south-western part of the continent.” Su Qian laughed faintly. He immediately turned his body around and slowly walked to where the Inner Academy was located. Behind him, Wu Hao and the others exchanged a look with each other before following with a depressed look.

“Little fellow, this time around, you either succeed or pay the price. You have to rely on yourself for everything. Hopefully, your good news will spread over a short period of time later…” Su Qian’s footsteps paused just as he was about to enter the forest. He once again turned around, looked in the direction in which Xiao Yan had disappeared in and sighed in his heart.

There were human figures moving on a mountain peak that was not far from Feng City within the ‘Black-Corner Region,’ a low beast roar occasionally sounded.

“Second leader, the troops from ‘Xiao Gate’ have been gathered. Adding this to the experts that we have gathered during this period of time as well as us three brothers, we have a total of eight expert Dou Wangs. Most of the rest are expert Dou Lings whom we have selected stringently according to the requirements. Not only were they not afraid to die but most of them are at the peak of the Dou Ling class.” A brawny man spoke in a deep voice to the man who was standing at the edge of the mountain peak.

The man slowly turned his head over when he heard the words of the brawny man. From his cold, stern manner, it was clearly Xiao Li who was gathering experts within Feng City. The latter glanced at the brawny man before nodding his head and said, “You have done quite well.”

Xiao Li’s gaze turned toward the slope of the mountain peak after speaking these words. There were over a hundred black figures quietly standing there. In front of these black figures were seven human figures with different heights and widths. By sensing the powerful aura that faintly seeped out from their bodies, these seven people were all actually experts of the Dou Wang class.

Despite so many people gathering on the mountain slope, the place was completely silent. A faint pressuring feeling covered their surroundings. Even the beasts’ roars that were emitted from the forest quietly became much weaker.

“Is there any news from the Dark Sky Sect, Luo Sha Gate, and Wild Lion Gang? Why have they not arrived?” Xiao Li withdrew his gaze from those black figures as he suddenly frowned and said.

Big Yao was about to reply after hearing this when a female laughter sounded in the sky, “Ke ke, little brother Xiao is really anxious. We would need at least a couple of months for this trip out of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. If we don’t make proper preparations, won’t our old home be confiscated by others?”

A large wave of rushing wind swiftly arrived after the laughter sounded. Immediately, over ten enormous flying beasts flew over from the distant sky. Within a couple of blinks, the flying beasts paused at this mountain peak and numerous human figures came rushing down. Finally, they all scattered on the top of the trees around. At a vague glance, there were likely at least a hundred people. Each of them had an extraordinary aura. Clearly, they were all quite strong.

Three extremely powerful auras finally rushed down with flapping Dou Qi wings after the many black figures rushed down. Finally, they were suspended in the mid-air above the mountain top. Their gaze swept over the line-up behind Xiao Li and surprise flashed across their eyes. They smiled and said, “Little brother Xiao really has some ability. It is really unexpected that you are actually able to gather so many experts within just a month. How envious.”

Xiao Li smiled and spoke in a somewhat unconcerned manner, “With my third brother’s status as a tier 6 alchemist, it should not be surprising that he possesses such a gathering ability.”

The eyes of Tie Wu and the other two flickered when they heard this. They immediately smiled and agreed, “Little brother Xiao is right. If chief Xiao is willing to announce his identity as a tier 6 alchemist, forget about a couple of Dou Wang, it is likely that even elite Dou Huangs would swarm over.”

Xiao Li smiled and spoke in a faint voice, “May I know what is the strength of the people that the three of you have brought?”

Tie Wu, Old Yin Gu, and Su Mei exchanged glances with one another after hearing Xiao Li’s words. They immediately laughed and said, “Each of us have brought two expert Dou Wangs. Including ourselves, there are three elite Dou Huangs. The remainder are all elites within our faction. I think that they would definitely not be any weaker than the core disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect.”

“Six Dou Wangs? This does not appear to match the status of the three of you in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.” Xiao Li randomly smiled and replied. The Dark Sky Sect, Luo Sha Gate, and Wild Lion Gang were all top-tier factions within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Now, their style of merely taking out two expert Dou Wang was indeed a little weak.

“Little brother Xiao must think about us. The ‘Black-Corner Region’ cannot be compared to other places. If we bring too many elites from our faction away, it is likely that our old home would have been cleared out by others when we return.” Su Mei and the other two helplessly said.

Xiao Li frowned and could only nod his head. These words were indeed true. Therefore, there was not much else he could say. It was fortunate that these three fellows were all experts at the Dou Huang class and could be considered to be the greatest help.

“Ke ke, little brother Xiao, our people have already arrived. May I know why chief Xiao has yet to appear?” Old Yin Gu laughed and suddenly asked as his gaze swept in all directions.

Su Mei and Tie Wu also threw their gazes toward Xiao Li after hearing Old Yin Gu’s words. This time around they were going to travel a great distance to the Jia Ma Empire to oppose a faction like the Misty Cloud Sect. If even Xiao Yan, this person in charge, was not around, they would not have the courage…

“I have already informed third brother, I think…” Xiao Li smiled. However, before he finished his sentence, a faint laugh swiftly transmitted from the sky before resounding across this mountain peak.

A wave of rushing wind sound soon followed not long after the laughter sounded. Immediately, a couple of human figures surfaced at the edge of the sky. Within a couple of blinks, they had flashed and appeared on the mountain peak.

The black-robed, young man at the front raised his head to Tie Wu and the others and laughed when the human figures appeared.

“Ke ke, I’m sorry for troubling everyone to wait here!”

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