Chapter 67: Choice

Chapter 67: Choice

Regarding the “Flame Mantra”, Xiao Yan truly did not want to abandon it. After all, to be able to evolve to a Tian Dou Qi technique, the ability was really enticing. On this enormous Dou Qi continent, a Tian Rank Dou Qi Technique would be equal to a ticket to become the strongest.

Although the Qi method was powerful, the success rate was not even 20%. This fact would discourage most people. With his 10 fingers intersecting tightly together, Xiao Yan’s face changed continuously, bouncing between hesitation and distress.

Watching the apprehension on Xiao Yan’s face calmly, Yao Lao’s old face also showed a mixed expression. After a while he sighed softly: “This matter can only be decided by yourself. I also do not want to meddle too much. However, I want to ask you one thing…...What are your feelings toward the girl Xun Er?”

“Eh?” To be asked about this issue by Yao Lao startled him. Xiao Yan’s face blushed somewhat. Opening his mouth after a while and with a forced smile, he said: “Teacher, why do you suddenly ask about this? Xun Er is my younger sister. Towards her…...what feeling could I have?” At those last words, Xiao Yan seemed to feel somewhat weak.

“Hehe, sister? You also know that you do not have the slightest blood relation to her. This beautiful girl is only about 15 or 16 years old, yet the Xiao clan’s young generation already admires her endlessly. When she is grown up, what is there to say anymore?” Speaking up to here, Yao Lao shot a glance to Xiao Yan. Smiling dimly he said: “If you think about the possibility that one day another man might marry her. How would you feel?”

Forcing a faint smile on his face, Xiao Yan pursed his brows slowly. He let out a light breath and whispered: “Seems…...a little hard to accept.”

“Hehe, since you can feel that it is somewhat hard to accept then in your heart you don’t simply think of her as only your younger sister……” Yao Lao was smiling yet not smiling as he spoke.

His face red once more, Xiao Yan was speechless and he mumbled somewhat. Spreading out his arms helplessly with a forced smile, he said: “Teacher, what do you actually want to say?”

“All of that was to clear your mind about what feeling you have towards her…...Since you and her already have unclear thoughts, you should judge your own strength and your development potential.” Congealing his face, Yao Lao gulped and somewhat doubtfully spoke: “The girl’s background is a little frightful. I do not know the exact truth about her background. Somehow, the small Xiao Clan has some kind of a relationship of with them. However, only this cannot fill the wide gap between you. The gap of status between you two is really too immense. Even if the girl likes you, those people behind her can not agree to it in any way!”

Closing his eyes, Xiao Yan intersected his palms together and held them tightly.

“This continent is a world where strength is respected. To have strength is also to have dignity. Previously you saw the behavior of Nalan Yanran. The reason as to how she is capable of acting so haughty and how she was able to look down on you is because of her background: her strength is greater than yours!” Looking at Xiao Yan’s appearance, Yao Lao sighed with sincere and earnest words.

“The power behind Xun Er is more frightening than the Faction of the Misty Cloud. Therefore, in their eyes, you are only but a worm. Even though you have outstanding talent, they are unlikely to see you as anything important. Truly, through the years, they have already seen many extremely gifted talents…...only if you are able to make them fear your strength , will you have fulfilled your wish.”

Xiao Yan touched his nose and with a shrug, he asked softly: “Will practicing ‘Flame Mantra’ give me that kind of power?”

“Actually, only by successfully practicing ‘Flame Mantra’ will you have that chance!” Yao Lao shook his head and he stared again.

Sighing lightly, Xiao Yan braced his chin. The smile of that elegant girl in the former days appeared ineffably before his eyes slowly. The silver bell-like laughter hovered in his ear.

Taking a long breath Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and said: “Teacher has said this much and still calls it not meddling with my decision?”

“Hehe……” Yao Lao stroked his withered and aged face as he let out an awkward laugh. Slightly embarrassed, he replied: “Okay, I admit I may have had some intentions of goading you, but from my point of view, I really hoped that you would practice this ‘Flame Mantra’.”

“You should know that I am currently just a mere spirit right?” Yao Lao spread out his arms as he asked.

Xiao Yan nodded.

“Other people may have died, but since my soul perception is much stronger than others, I have somehow strangely survived in this form……” Yao Lao smiled bitterly as if he was mocking himself.

“I do not like to live this way, each day feels like a fake and empty illusion to me. I still have things that I must personally accomplish, therefore, I need to leave this spirit state.”

“Teacher wants to revive?” Xiao Yan blinked in slight disbelief. Stunned, he continued: “In this world, there should be nothing that would be able to revive the dead right?”

“Under normal circumstances, it is so.” Nodding in agreement, a passionate expression appeared on Yao Lao as he continued: “Yet according to some obscure descriptions of the ‘Flame Mantra’, if successfully mastered, one would be able to blend a few types of Heavenly Flames together to forge a body that could house a spirit. Obtaining such a body, would be a sort of rebirth for me……”

“In the ring, I have endured countless years in a world without daylight all in hopes of one day meeting a person who has a strong enough soul perception that is able to meet my requirements. I am very lucky to have finally met you.” A deep sorrow was etched into the lines of that wrinkled and aged face, though it could only be perceived by a very observant person.

Yao Lao gazed into Xiao Yan’s pitch black pair of eyes that stared back at him, smiling bitterly, he continued: “Heh, just take these words as the idle rumblings of an old man. Alas, though I’ve said that I would not interfere, in the end, I could not help but speak, I am truly……”

Sadly shaking his head, Yao Lao stretched forth his gnarled hands. With a small wave, one black and one red scroll faintly glimmered as they appeared in each hand.

“The red scroll is a fire attributed Low Di Qi Method while the black scroll is the ‘Flame Mantra’.....” Yao Lao smiled as he raised both hands. His withered face softened slightly as he gently said: “Make your own choice and think about the factors that drive you, as long as you remember that whatever your choice, you will always be my disciple and I will never blame you for it.”

Xiao Yan’s palm supported his chin as he stared blankly at the two glittering scroll in front of him. A long time later, he licked his lips and raised his shoulders lazily while smiling: “Although I am afraid of death, without power there is no honor. I refuse to go through the kind of humiliation that Nalan Yanran gave me that day ever again. And still, even if it does not go well, I can always change to another Qi Method.”

Shaking his head, a brilliant smile lit up Xiao Yan’s already delicate face. In Yao Lao’s slightly red and moist eyes, the figure of Xiao Yan could be seen stretching out his hand to firmly grab the black scroll.

When his hand touched the scroll, it transformed into a stream of information which poured directly into Xiao Yan’s head.

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