Chapter 669: Fully Prepared

Chapter 669: Fully Prepared


The sudden loud sound of rolling-thunder appeared in the quiet mountain range that was covered in a dense, lush, green color, surprising a countless number of birds in the forest. The manner which those birds flapped their wings and flew high in the sky in all directions forboded that a great disaster was about to strike.

A mountain peak began to shake and fall at a certain spot in the mountain range. Huge rocks repeatedly rolled down from above, pressing against some of the enormous trees below until they were all broken. Numerous arm thick crack lines began to swiftly spread as the enormous rocks rolled down. Within a couple of minutes, a perfect mountain peak stopped just short of completely collapsing.

A black-robed human figure was flapping jade-green fire wings extruding from his back in the air above the mountain peak. His eyes studied the swaying mountain peak that was about to fall before he nodded his head with some satisfaction. Currently, the strength of this ‘Open Mountain Seal’ was indeed much stronger than before. Moreover, since this was only practice, the Dou Qi that was maneuvered was not at its full strength. It was difficult to imagine just how frightening the force would...

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