Chapter 668: Tranquil

Chapter 668: Tranquil

This battle, not surprisingly, became a topic that the people in the Inner Academy relished. The fight in the Fighting Arena that caused a countless number of people to be shocked ended in Xiao Yan’s perfect victory.

Lin Xiuyan and Liu Qing were people whose names reverberated like thunder even among the new students within the Inner Academy. They were frightening existences who had dominated the top three on the ‘Strong Ranking’. No one could replace them all the way until they detached from their student identities and became Inner Academy Elders. Hence, compared to them, Xiao Yan, who had been missing for two years, gave people a somewhat unrealistic feeling because of the rich legendary aura that had covered his name due to the influence of public opinion.

Although when Xiao Yan left the tower, he had fought with Lin Xiuya, at that time, it was merely a test and although some strong experts could see the differences in strength between the two, normal students didn’t have the perception to see who was stronger in the quick exchange. As for the huge attack against the ‘Black Alliance’, although he had slain Han Feng who was at the Dou Huang stage, the act of him doing so was too shocking that it made people feel that it was...

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