Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges

Chapter 667: Ten Exchanges

Xiao Yan completely relaxed after he had settled ‘Pan’s Gate’ properly. Since Xiao Li still needed some time to gather the helpers on his end, the completely relaxed Xiao Yan did not make a move to leave the Inner Academy.

The news that Xiao Yan was about to leave was not spread around. This was because Wu Hao and the others knew that once this news was known by the people within ‘Pan’s Gate’, it was unavoidable that many people would become disappointed. In any case, Xiao Yan frequently disappeared. It was a common matter for him to be missing for a couple of months. Hence, hiding it would also be very easy. It might be better to announce this news in the future when the time was ripe.

Xiao Yan calmly remained within the Inner Academy during this subsequent period of time. He would occasionally refine some low-tier medicinal pill in public and treated them as gifts which he gave to the members of the ‘Pan’s Gate’ who formed an audience around him. Countless numbers of people would come and observe each time he refined medicinal pills. Although the number of alchemists the current ‘Pan Gate’ had recruited was not small, even the alchemists within ‘Pan’s Gate’ felt great curiosity toward this leader who held the title of the top alchemist within the Inner Academy. After all, most of the new students had never seen the frequently praised medicinal pill refining competition between Xiao Yan and the leader of the ‘Medicinal Gang’ back then.

Lin Yan came and find him with a face full of sly smiles during one of the days while Xiao Yan was waiting idly. After which, the former dragged him out of ‘Pan’s Gate’ and brought him to the ever noisy...

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