Chapter 665: Looking After

Chapter 665: Looking After

Xiao Yan stood on a spacious path within the Inner Academy. He watched the students who were filled with vitality coming and going, and his somewhat cold face, cold from having lingered within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ for a couple of months, finally became much warmer. Although the competitive atmosphere within the Inner Academy was quite strong, it was really like paradise when compared to the cruel ‘Black-Corner Region’.

The person who had followed Xiao Yan into the Inner Academy was still Medusa, who had been following closely beside Xiao Yan. These two people were standing on the main road where people came and went without any misgivings. Naturally, they attracted a countless number of surprised and curious gazes. With Medusa’s beautiful, demon-like appearance, she naturally possessed an unusual allure that was difficult to describe with words to these young students who had been living in the ivory tower. Some of the younger teenagers or young men felt a great interest to the mature woman. This was the so-called fondness for an elder sister feeling.

Medusa appeared to have totally ignored all the numerous amazed gazes from around her. Her bewitching, pretty face...

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