Chapter 664: The Three Yao Brothers

Chapter 664: The Three Yao Brothers

A couple of human figures were seated within the spacious Meeting Room within Feng City. Occasional laughing sounds could be heard as a couple of graceful female servants shuttled through the hall to serve tea and water to the various important guests.

“Ke ke, brother Xiao Li. Thanks to the medicinal pill auction idea some time earlier, the population within the current Feng City is sufficient to squeeze into the top three of the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Feng City wasn’t able to achieve such a peak even when the ‘Black Alliance’ was occupying this place back then.” A rough laugh sounded within the hall. The person who was speaking had bare arms with a tattoo of a fierce lion roaring toward the sky on his chest. His appearance was surprisingly the gang leader of the Wild Lion Gang whom others called Wild Lion Tie Wu.

After Tie Wu’s laughter sounded, the leader of the Dark Sky Sect and Luo Sha Gate who were seated beside him also smiled and nodded. Within a short three months, the profits that they had obtained were even richer than what they had obtained during the last half a year. This was all because they were collaborating with ‘Xiao Gate’.

“Chief Tie is too courteous. All of us are simply getting...

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