Chapter 663: Recover

Chapter 663: Recover

In order to wake Yao Lao up this time around, Xiao Yan not only had to squeeze out all the Dou Qi within his body until it was completely empty, but his Spiritual Strength had also suffered quite the blow. Hence, it was still quite difficult for him to recover to his peak condition within a short period of time despite the fact that the ‘Flame Mantra’ had already evolved into a Di class Qi Method.

However, it was fortunate that Yao Lao had already reawakened. With this safe guardian, Xiao Yan no longer needed to worry about other matters disturbing him. Hence, he was able to completely relax and enter into his training mode to recuperate. There was no longer a need to worry about the slightest influence from the outside world.

Through this kind of quiet recuperation, which was void of any distractions, Xiao Yan’s empty body was gradually filled by waves of Dou Qi flowing in. His weariness was becoming fainter with each day. From the looks of his progress, his body would be completely healed soon.

A black-robed, young man sat cross-legged on a quiet mountain peak within the lush, green mountain forest. His body was as stable as a rock. He did not make the slightest movement,...

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