Chapter 660: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again

Chapter 660: Teacher and Disciple Meet Again

An old human figure was suspended in the sky. That familiar face carried a little nostalgia. It was surprisingly Yao Lao who had been in a slumber within the ring for two years!

At this moment, the body which Yao Lao had agglomerated was clearly more substantial than before. From the powerful Spiritual Strength which was faintly emitted from within his body, one could tell that his slumber these past two years had also caused Yao Lao’s strength to increase significantly.

“It’s you?” Medusa was startled when her gaze swept over Yao Lao’s face. She immediately pressed her eyebrows together and inquired in surprise.

Yao Lao laughed. He raised his head and eyed Xiao Yan who had fallen unconscious. A pleased look was on his face. Although he had descended into a slumber, he was still able to sense an energy moisturizing his spirit in his unconsciousness. Who else other than Xiao Yan would use this kind of action to swiftly aid him in his recovery?

“It is really unexpected that you have successfully swallowed the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ and merge with its spirit. Your progress is very quick. From the looks of...

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