Chapter 659: Yao Lao Awakens!

Chapter 659: Yao Lao Awakens!

The mountain forest was lush, green. The peaks of the mountains pierced into the clouds just like a blade, appearing to be majestic and spectacular.

An enormous rock was extended out on a steep wall somewhere within the mountain range. A black-robed, young man was seated cross-legged on it with his eyes tightly shut. An enormous crimson medicinal caudron was placed in front of him. A dark-green flame fiercely rose and fell within the medicinal cauldron. If one were to look carefully, one could faintly see that there was actually a cluster of colorful liquid slowly wiggling within the flame.

The surface of the colorful liquid repeatedly emitted tiny bubbles while it was grilled under the flame. Each time a bubble burst apart, the size of the cluster of liquid would shrink slightly.

Of course, this kind of shrinking was extremely slight. It was to the point that one would have a hard time discovering that the liquid was gradually shrinking unless one observed it carefully. However, as this little by little accumulation lasted for a period of time, the shrinking was no longer in miniscule amounts.

With the colorful medicinal liquid becoming increasingly thinner, it faintly...

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