Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid

Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid

There was hardly any trace of a person in the vast, deep mountains. The main theme was the endless lush, green mountains. Occasionally, the roar of a magical beast would resound across the mountain forest, frightening away countless numbers of resting birds.

There was a huge rock that protruded from the mountain wall in the middle of a steep cliff. The huge rock was frequently battered by the rain and wind. Therefore, its surface was extremely smooth. There was even a layer of luster faintly present on it. However, a black-robed, young man was currently standing at that spot. His legs were like the roots of an old tree that slowly gripped the enormous rock, causing his body to stand on it without moving a little.

The black-robed, young man was naturally Xiao Yan since he had left Feng City. There was likely going to be large activity when he woke Yao Lao this time around. Hence, he would naturally be unable to do this in a crowded place like Feng City. Hence, after Xiao Yan informed Xiao Li, he and Medusa once again entered the deep mountains. In the endless, deep mountains, the activity, regardless of how massive it was, would completely disappear between the cover of the many mountains.

Xiao Yan’s gaze swept to the left and right of this precipitous mountain peak. The quiet space was such that one even had difficulty hearing the chirping of the birds. A moment later, he nodded his head with satisfaction and raised it to the top of the cliff and cried out loud.

“Cai Lin, I will have to trouble you. Don’t let anything disturb me.”

Laughter was transmitted up. One could faintly see a graceful figure standing on top of the mountain cliff. However, she appeared to act as though she did not hear Xiao Yan’s cry and was too lazy to even give a reply.

Xiao Yan was long used to this attitude of Medusa. Hence, he did not display any expression. He knew that this woman might ignore him verbally, but she would usually perform a task she had promised him to the point that one could not pick on it. Xiao Yan was able to completely rest assured with her protecting him by the side.

Xiao Yan crossed his legs and sat on the smooth huge rock. He slowly shut his eyes as he forced his breathing and heart to enter into a calm, slow rhythm. Only then did he flick his finger. A crimson-colored medicinal cauldron once again fell and smashed heavily on the enormous rock, causing it to tremble a couple of times.

Xiao Yan’s expression gradually turned solemn as he studied the crimson-colored medicinal cauldron. The Serene Sea Storage Ring on his finger flickered slightly. Immediately, medicinal ingredients came flashing out of it. Finally, they appeared to experience a certain drag force as they became suspended around Xiao Yan.

The appearance of these medicinal ingredients were all somewhat strange. However the unusual scent they faintly emitted caused a person’s spirit to gain a comfortable feeling similar to that of being soaked in a hot spring.

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face grew richer as he sniffed the unusual medicinal fragrances. All of these medicinal ingredients possessed good effects for one’s Spiritual Strength.

Xiao Yan flicked his finger gently, and a wisp of Glazed Lotus Heart Flame flashed and appeared. Finally, it played just like a fire spirit as it danced around Xiao Yan’s finger in an agile manner.

“Go.” With a gentle cry, the wisp of Glazed Lotus Heart Flame shot out and entered the medicinal cauldron through the fire outlet. The instant it entered the medicinal cauldron, it suddenly expanded and turned into a fierce flame that expanded.

The flame writhed within the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, Xiao Yan’s long finger gently flicked toward a medicinal ingredient that was suspended in front of him. In a skillful manner, it shot into the medicinal cauldron.

The medicinal ingredient was wrapped by the dark-green flame the moment it was shot into the medicinal cauldron. However, the terrifyingly high temperature did not immediately destroy it in an avaricious manner. Instead, that medicinal ingredient emitted a white-jade-like faint glow while it was being burned, almost like it was attempting to isolate the temperature of the flame.

Xiao Yan was not overly surprised that this medicinal ingredient possessed the ability to retaliate the burning of the flame. He clearly understood that these kinds of rare medicinal ingredients that could recover Spiritual injuries were mostly able to rely on a kind of instinctive ability to block harm from the outside.

For example this medicinal ingredient named ‘Snow Jade Bone Ginseng’ that was thrown into the medicinal cauldron might be named a ginseng, but its shape was similar to that of a white, jade-like bone. This kind of bone ginseng had a toughness that was no weaker than steel. It possessed an extremely strong resistance to fire. If one wanted to use an ordinary flame to refine it, one might not obtain much results even after doing it for half a year or even a year.

Hence, Xiao Yan was not surprised that it could resist the grilling of the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame. One must not possess an anxious heart when refining such a medicinal ingredient. Everything must be in a progressive cycle. This was the correct path…

Xiao Yan watched the fierce flame within the medicinal cauldron. A moment later, he slowly shut his eyes. He knew that despite the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame strength, attempting to refine this ‘Snow Jade Bone Ginseng’ would at least require a couple of days…

Although Xiao Yan had already anticipated the fire resistance of the ‘Snow Jade Bone Ginseng’, he could not help but feel stunned when he saw that the bone ginseng only began to melt on the third day. Medicinal ingredients that were able to treat spirits were indeed different from ordinary medicinal ingredients. Could a medicinal ingredient with such a hardness still be considered a medicinal ingredient?

Xiao Yan calmed his heart and slowly refined it. Only on the fifth day did that incomparably hard ‘Snow Jade Bone Ginseng’ completely melt into a glob of snow-white viscous liquid.

Xiao Yan moved that snow-white viscous liquid to a spot in the medicinal cauldron with a lower temperature to grill it with a slow flame. He subsequently threw another medicinal ingredient that was similarly difficult to refine into the medicinal cauldron. He once again began the tedious refinement…

There was no concept of time in the mountains. Time quietly flew past one’s fingers like flowing water. The suspended medicinal ingredients in front of him were gradually refined into various colored medicinal liquids within the medicinal cauldron one after another…

All the medicinal ingredients were finally completely refined around one month after Xiao Yan entered the deep mountains. After which, he spent another seven days in order to merge all of these medicinal liquids together.


Xiao Yan watched the cluster of viscous liquid that was emitting a faint multicolored luster within the medicinal cauldron from the cliff. He finally sighed in relief as though he had released a heavy burden. Although he was not refining a medicinal pill this time around, it was the longest time that Xiao Yan had spent in front of a medicinal cauldron.

His body had sat in front of the medicinal cauldron without moving for over a month. He repeatedly maneuvered Dou Qi to supplement the flame within the medicinal cauldron so that there was an adequate amount of it. If Xiao Yan had not already advanced to the Dou Wang class and his ‘Flame Mantra’ Qi Method had not evolved to the Di Class Low Level, this kind of high burden squandering would likely result in him falling from this enormous rock all the way to the bottom of the cliff due to the exhaustion of Dou Qi regardless of how strong his character was.

“I have finally completed it…”

Xiao Yan’s sleeves wiped off the perspiration on his forehead. His mouth parted to reveal a white set of teeth. This one month test of his endurance, like a worker maintaining a fire, had benefited him quite greatly. Even without mentioning the successful merger of the medicinal liquid, Xiao Yan could sense that through this one month of burning, he was more practiced in his control over the Glazed Lotus Heart Flame, which was the merger of the two kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ within his body, when compared to before…

Although these kinds of pill refinement steps were tedious and exhausted one’s Spiritual Strength, they had an extremely great benefit toward training one’s control over a flame.

Xiao Yan rested for over ten minutes after completing the medicinal liquid merger. Only after that did he once again brace his attention before turning his gaze toward the ancient looking dark-black ring. He hesitated for a moment before slowly removing it.

Xiao Yan held the ring gently in his hand. A moment later, he suddenly clenched his teeth and tossed it with his hand. The dark-black ring was thrown into the fiery fire within the medicinal cauldron in a skillful manner!

The dark-green flame hurriedly swarmed forward when the dark-black ring entered the medicinal cauldron. However, an invisible strength surged out automatically from the ring just as these flames were about to approach the ring. After which, this strength isolated the ring from the flame.

“Automated self defence? Looks like teacher’s ring is also not an ordinary object.” Xiao Yan was startled when he saw the reaction of the ring. He immediately smiled. With a flick of his finger, that colorful viscous liquid tumbled about, and ended up wrapping the around dark-black ring.

That dark-black ring did not resist this medicinal liquid, which possessed quite the spiritual healing ability. Hence, it allowed the liquid to drag and wrap around itself.

Xiao Yan smiled slightly when he saw that he had successfully wrapped the dark-black ring in the colorful liquid. He immediately changed his hand seal, and the feeble dark-green flame within the medicinal cauldron appeared to have broken out in excitement as it emitted a ‘chi’ sound and surged forward, sweeping the cluster of colorful liquid into it. That frighteningly high temperature still caused the surrounding air to gradually become distorted despite having the isolating effect of the dark-red medicinal cauldron.

Under Xiao Yan’s control, the colorful liquid did not pose much resistance to the dark-green flame. Its vicious surface began to gradually form some air bubbles amid the frighteningly high temperature. An invisible vapor would be suppressed and pass through the medicinal liquid when an air bubble burst occasionally. Finally, it would quietly merge into the dark-black ring!

Time slowly flowed by as the cluster of colorful liquid, which was originally the size of a palm, gradually shrank. Clearly, the medicinal effect of healing one’s spirit had already been completely vaporized into the ring under the suppression of the surrounding high temperature, healing the spirit that was in a slumber within it…

The medicinal liquid grew increasingly thinner. Under Xiao Yan’s joyful gaze, a layer of faint glow that represented life gradually surged onto the surface of the dark-black ring…

“Teacher, you have been in a slumber for two years. It’s time to wake up…”

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