Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid

Chapter 658: Restoration Medicinal Liquid

There was hardly any trace of a person in the vast, deep mountains. The main theme was the endless lush, green mountains. Occasionally, the roar of a magical beast would resound across the mountain forest, frightening away countless numbers of resting birds.

There was a huge rock that protruded from the mountain wall in the middle of a steep cliff. The huge rock was frequently battered by the rain and wind. Therefore, its surface was extremely smooth. There was even a layer of luster faintly present on it. However, a black-robed, young man was currently standing at that spot. His legs were like the roots of an old tree that slowly gripped the enormous rock, causing his body to stand on it without moving a little.

The black-robed, young man was naturally Xiao Yan since he had left Feng City. There was likely going to be large activity when he woke Yao Lao this time around. Hence, he would naturally be unable to do this in a crowded place like Feng City. Hence, after Xiao Yan informed Xiao Li, he and Medusa once again entered the deep mountains. In the endless, deep mountains,...

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